About Us

Fuel was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma by 23 teens on a mission; a mission aimed at giving teens,like ourselves, the knowledge and tools to engage in healthy eating practices, if they so choose.

In the beginning of our journey as members of Youth Philanthropy Initiative’s 5th cohort, we did not have a clear vision of what we wanted our legacy in YPI to be. We discovered our passion for what began as the topic of healthy cooking. Though as time passed, we came to the realization that our focus should be on providing truth and transparency to the food industry and the realm of healthy eating. Soon after, Fuel was born.

You may be wondering what exactly Youth Philanthropy Initiative is. YPI is a 3 year leadership program founded by the Schusterman Family Foundation for high school students living in the Tulsa area. With this program, the students selected to participate are able to choose an issue facing teens that they deem under addressed and are given funding to create a project or campaign to combat that issue. Youth Philanthropy Initiative develops students into agents of change by teaching them real world lessons like responsibility and leadership.

Currently, The Fuel program has been adopted by a local school district dedicated to granting students the best opportunities in regards to learning and nutrition. If you are interested in utilizing Fuel at your school, please consult the bring Fuel to Your School link posted below. If would like to further your education about Fuel, click on the program link listed below for more information.

Bring Fuel to Your School: http://fueltulsa.com/bring-fuel-to-your-school/
The Program: http://fueltulsa.com/the-program/