Fuel On The Go

Here are some ways to practice Fuel in your everyday life:
1. Set Goals
Writing things down is proven to make you more likely to actually accomplish these goals. An example of a goal is pledging to score in the 25-30 point range on the Fuel Gauge for that day.

2. Use the FUEL Gauge!
This will help you keep track of your points. Also, be sure to check out our fuel point calculator under the Fuel on The Go heading.

3. Write codes on the packaged foods in your house.
Rating your food helps you to differentiate between healthy snacks and splurges.

4. Donʼt give up! Eating healthy is no easy task; it takes time. Pace yourself. Fuel
your body. Eat to live.

5. Tip: when eating out, do a quick rating scan.
Remember that eating fresh, farm foods is the best way to go.Pick out the 3ʼs in your meal, like the leafy green
vegetables or lean poultry. Then, pick out the 0ʼs in your meal; most likely, if the number of 0ʼs are greater than the number of 3ʼs, the entire meal can be rated as a 0 or 1.

In conclusion, you definitely do not have to go on a crash diet in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to enjoy yourself sometimes and splurge every once in a while. Eating out occasionally is completely okay and is definitely not something of which to be ashamed. Just be sure that you balance eating out with a healthy diet and exercise, and you will be well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle! !